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Less 文件

选择将哪些 Less 文件编译到你自己的定制 Bootstrap 版本中。不确定每个文件的用途吗?请先通读此文档中的全局 CSS 样式组件章节。

通用 CSS


JavaScript 插件

jQuery 插件

选择将那些 jQuery 插件包含到你的定制版本中。不确定他们的用途吗?请通读此文档中的 JavaScript 插件章节。

Linked to components



所有选中的插件都将会编译为一份是和阅读的版本 bootstrap.js 和一份压缩版本 bootstrap.min.js。我们建议将压缩版本用于生产环境。

依赖 jQuery

所有插件都依赖最新版本的 jQuery,因此,必须首先将 jQuery 引入页面。

Less 变量

通过 Less 变量可以自定义颜色、尺寸等,最终将会反映到你所下载的 CSS 样式表文件中。


Gray and brand colors for use across Bootstrap.


Settings for some of the most global styles.

Background color for <body>.

Global text color on <body>.

Global textual link color.

Link hover color set via darken() function.


Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more.

Default monospace fonts for <code>, <kbd>, and <pre>.

Unit-less line-height for use in components like buttons.

Computed "line-height" (font-size * line-height) for use with margin, padding, etc.

By default, this inherits from the <body>.


Specify custom location and filename of the included Glyphicons icon font. Useful for those including Bootstrap via Bower.

Load fonts from this directory.

File name for all font files.

Element ID within SVG icon file.


Define common padding and border radius sizes and more. Values based on 14px text and 1.428 line-height (~20px to start).

Global color for active items (e.g., navs or dropdowns).

Global background color for active items (e.g., navs or dropdowns).

Width of the border for generating carets that indicator dropdowns.

Carets increase slightly in size for larger components.


Customizes the .table component with basic values, each used across all table variations.

Padding for <th>s and <td>s.

Padding for cells in .table-condensed.

Default background color used for all tables.

Background color used for .table-striped.

Background color used for .table-hover.

Border color for table and cell borders.


For each of Bootstrap's buttons, define text, background and border color.


<input> background color

<input disabled> background color

Text color for <input>s

<input> border color

Default .form-control border radius

Large .form-control border radius

Small .form-control border radius

Border color for inputs on focus

Placeholder text color

Default .form-control height

Large .form-control height

Small .form-control height

Background color for textual input addons

Border color for textual input addons

Dropdown menu container and contents.

Background for the dropdown menu.

Dropdown menu border-color.

Dropdown menu border-color for IE8.

Divider color for between dropdown items.

Dropdown link text color.

Hover color for dropdown links.

Hover background for dropdown links.

Active dropdown menu item text color.

Active dropdown menu item background color.

Disabled dropdown menu item background color.

Text color for headers within dropdown menus.

Deprecated @dropdown-caret-color as of v3.1.0

Media queries breakpoints

Define the breakpoints at which your layout will change, adapting to different screen sizes.

Deprecated @screen-xs as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-xs-min as of v3.2.0

Deprecated @screen-phone as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-sm as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-tablet as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-md as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-desktop as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-lg as of v3.0.1

Deprecated @screen-lg-desktop as of v3.0.1

Grid system

Define your custom responsive grid.

Number of columns in the grid.

Padding between columns. Gets divided in half for the left and right.

Point at which the navbar becomes uncollapsed.

Point at which the navbar begins collapsing.

Container sizes

Define the maximum width of .container for different screen sizes.

For @screen-sm-min and up.

For @screen-md-min and up.

For @screen-lg-min and up.

Shared nav styles






Form states and alerts

Define colors for form feedback states and, by default, alerts.


Tooltip max width

Tooltip text color

Tooltip background color

Tooltip arrow width

Tooltip arrow color


Popover body background color

Popover maximum width

Popover border color

Popover fallback border color

Popover title background color

Popover arrow width

Popover arrow color

Popover outer arrow width

Popover outer arrow color

Popover outer arrow fallback color


Default label background color

Primary label background color

Success label background color

Info label background color

Warning label background color

Danger label background color

Default label text color

Default text color of a linked label


Padding applied to the modal body

Padding applied to the modal title

Modal title line-height

Background color of modal content area

Modal content border color

Modal content border color for IE8

Modal backdrop background color

Modal backdrop opacity

Modal header border color

Modal footer border color


Define alert colors, border radius, and padding.

Progress bars

Background color of the whole progress component

Progress bar text color

Default progress bar color

Success progress bar color

Warning progress bar color

Danger progress bar color

Info progress bar color

List group

Background color on .list-group-item

.list-group-item border color

List group border radius

Background color of single list items on hover

Text color of active list items

Background color of active list items

Border color of active list elements

Text color for content within active list items

Text color of disabled list items

Background color of disabled list items

Text color for content within disabled list items


Border color for elements within panels


Padding around the thumbnail image

Thumbnail background color

Thumbnail border color

Thumbnail border radius

Custom text color for thumbnail captions

Padding around the thumbnail caption



Linked badge text color on hover

Badge text color in active nav link

Badge background color in active nav link

Breadcrumb background color

Breadcrumb text color

Text color of current page in the breadcrumb

Textual separator for between breadcrumb elements




Horizontal offset for forms and lists.

Text muted color

Abbreviations and acronyms border color

Headings small color

Blockquote small color

Blockquote font size

Blockquote border color

Page header border color

Width of horizontal description list titles

Horizontal line color.


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